Welcome to amherst party shop, inc.

Located in downtown Amherst, Ohio. We're a small corner store with an ENORMOUS selection of WINES & BEERS! We also have a good selection of pop, beverages, diluted liquor and snacks! We converted the old video rental shop to our new upstairs EVENT ROOM available for rent for your special occasions and also where we host our Beer and Wine tasting events! Pay attention for EVENT updates!

Beer, microbrews, speciality and seasonal brews

Amherst Party Shop carries a wide selection of beers and ales from your daily favorites to microbrews from around the country, international, specialty beers and brews and the ever popular seasonal brews to suit every occasion.

Wine Cellar

Amherst Party Shop has one of Northern Ohio's largest selections of domestic and foreign wines and champagnes for every palate and budget. If you are looking for a special bottle, give us a call and we always offer 10% off all wine case purchases.

Party Room for your next festive event

Upstairs at Amherst Party shop is a wonderful little venue you can rent out for your next fesitve event. Small gatherings, host your own wine or beer tasting party or come to one of the many we host each year.

Amherst Party shop hosts occasional beer and wine tasting events in our upstairs venue. Watch our site for upcoming Beer and Wine tasting events.